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3 Summer Projects for Your Garage

Summer’s the perfect time to tackle the projects that have been on your mind for months. Here are three doable garage projects for you to tackle this year:

Put In Shelving

Putting in shelving in your garage is one of the easiest projects you can do this summer. Start by organizing things into three piles: a give-away (or sell) pile, a trash pile, and a keep pile – make sure you get everything! Then, install your shelving units, as well as some hooks through the garage that you can hang tools, jackets, etc. on. Before putting things back on the shelves, organize it – use bins that are labeled for maximum efficiency.

Start a Garage Greenhouse

Constructing a small greenhouse within your garage that you can use to grow seedlings is relatively easy to do, requiring little more than plastic tarp and PVC pipe. The biggest thing that you’ll need to worry about is adequate ventilation, so make sure you pay attention to this important detail. If you don’t have the tools or time to make your own greenhouse, you can always clear out a section of the garage and buy a premade one.


Another fun summer project is to paint your garage – either the inside walls, or the garage door. Painting a garage or garage door can quickly add a splash of color, offer a fresh look, and add aesthetic appeal. In fact, painting the inside of your garage can even be an important step if you are thinking of converting your garage to another living space, such as a second family living room. Be sure that you prime the area for painting properly, and store any paints or other chemicals (once you’re done) in an area that is out of reach of kids and pets.

Have Fun, but Make Sure You’re Safe Throughout the Process 

Whatever garage door project you choose, remember that working in the garage can be dangerous. One thing that you can do to ensure safety is to make sure your garage door – which you’ll likely be opening and closing multiple times throughout the project’s duration – is well maintained and in good shape.

If you have garage door maintenance questions, our professionals can help. To learn more about garage door safety and how to recognize a garage door that is in need of repairs, contact our team at Professional Garage Door, Inc. today at 219-696-4279.