4 Things to Do to Prepare Your Garage Door for Spring

Posted on: April 12, 2016
4 Things to Do to Prepare Your Garage Door for Spring

4 Things to Do to Prepare Your Garage Door for Spring

Spring is in the air! Now that the birds are chirping and the sunshine is out, you’re no doubt preparing your home for the warmer weather. As you do, consider these four things for getting your garage door ready for the new season:

  1. Give it a Scrub

If your garage door looks anything like most people’s after a long winter, the outside of it is covered with salt, dirt, and grime from the cold months of the year. To get it sparkling clean, grab a pressure washer and a gentle cleanser (be careful using certain chemicals, as these can damage both your garage door and your health) and hose it down. If it needs it, consider a paint job, too.

  1. Check Your Weather Stripping

With temperature changes and moisture, as well as rodents that like to make their way into a garage during the winter to stay warm and find food, weather stripping may be cracked, damaged, or even chewed through. Now that spring is here, take some time to throughout assess your weather stripping, and replace it if need be. If it is still in good condition, check it again in six months’ time.

  1. Look for Damage

Winter is a common type for garage door damage. Now that it’s over, make sure that everything look A-okay before you forget about your garage door for the rest of the season. Look for external garage door damage, like cracks, dents, or mold in wooden doors; check rollers and moving parts; and listen for anything that sounds off.

One other important thing that you should is to check your garage door’s automatic reversal system, or the system that makes sure your garage stops and re-opens when it is on its descent and something gets in its way. The easiest way to do this is to close your garage door, and then wave something – like a broomstick – in front of the garage door’s motion sensor. If nothing happens, you have a problem that you should fix immediately.

  1. Call a Garage Door Professional

If you do not plan on performing garage door maintenance yourself this year, or notice a garage door problem that is bigger than you can handle on your own, do not hesitate to contact a garage door specialist for professional help. At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., our team has been in business for more than three decades, and can assist you with all of your garage door needs. Contact us today at 219-696-4279 to learn more!


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