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5 Signs it May Be Time to Replace Your Garage Door

For homeowners in Lake County, performing maintenance on a garage door is an important part of preserving its longevity. However, there’s only so much maintenance you can do before more intensive action is required. If you notice any of the following five signs, it may be time to replace your garage door:

  1.  It’s Dented, Dinged, and Sagging

Minor dents and dings can usually be repaired. But when dents and dings become excessive, or your garage door has sustained enough damage to actually be bent or sagging at sections, a full replacement installation may be necessary. Wooden garage doors are particularly prone to sagging with time.

  1. You Have Excessive Monthly Utility Costs

If you notice that your monthly energy bills are on the rise, poor insulation of your garage door may be to blame. While insulation and weather stripping can sometimes be added, a new garage door may be a more cost-effective option in the long run. When your garage door is properly insulated, it will help keep the garage and surrounding rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing energy waste. A properly insulated garage door also helps keep noise to a minimum.

  1. It’s Unbalanced

With time, garage doors can become unbalanced due to falling off of hinges, faulty suspension systems, and worn down springs. An unbalanced door isn’t something to hesitate on – while the issue may be more of an inconvenience initially, it could lead to an actual garage door collapse with time. If you notice an unbalance garage door, take action to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

  1. There’s Visible Decay

While decay is unlikely with fiberglass, steel, or aluminum garage doors, wood garage doors deteriorate with time. This is especially true for those living around water, as moisture can lead to rot. Keep in mind that mold or spoliation isn’t always obvious to spot, as the decay is often internal, not external. Things to look for that may be signs of internal decay include cracks in a garage door surface, holes in the surface, or gaps between the garage door and the ground or surrounding frame.

  1. Your Garage Door Lacks Important Safety Features

If your garage door has been a part of your home for years, it may be lacking important safety features. Safety features that your garage door might be lacking include automatic garage door remote protections, obstruction sensors, a balanced drive system, and an automatic reversal system. Replacing your garage door so that it’s complete with the above safety features can be key in accident prevention.

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