6 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Garage Door

Posted on: June 21, 2016
6 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Garage Door

6 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Garage Door

The time has finally come for you to spring for a new garage door. Before you do, be sure to consider these six questions:

  1. What’s the Weather Like?

If you like in Lake County, then you’re exposed to hot summers, complete with plenty of humidity, and cold winters. This means that garage door insulation is an important factor in your choice of new door. Also consider what you use your garage door for – if you are using it as an additional room, you’ll need more insulation than if it’s just intended for car storage.

  1. How Much Can You Afford?

Of course, another important question is how much garage door you can afford. While replacing a garage door can be done affordably, you may have to pay more if you want certain materials or custom designs.

  1. What’s Your Style?

The garage door you choose will likely reflect your own person style, as well as your home’s style. Consider your home – what will look best? While carriage doors are neat, they do not always fit with modern décor. The same is true for steel doors – if you have a classic style home, wood might look better.

  1. How Big Do You Need?

If you are building your own home, you will have a lot of say in terms of how big you want your garage to be, and therefore how large your garage doors must be. If you already have an existing space, be sure to take accurate measurements before ordering. Not only will the size of your garage door have a major effect on whether or not it fits post-manufacture, but how much you have to pay, too.

  1. What Features Matter to You?

There are some neat garage door features that you may be interested in. For example, do you want a security-enforced door that will help protect against intruders? Do you want to add windows to your garage door, a feature that many people who plan to use their garage as an additional room love? Do you want a basic garage door remote, or one with more advanced technology?

  1. Who Are You Going to Call?

When it is time to replace your garage door, we hope that you aren’t trying to tackle the job on your own. Rather than taking measurements and making decisions about insulation solo, contact the garage door professionals at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. today. Our team has been serving homeowners in Lake County, Indiana and surrounding areas for more than three decades, and we are eager to help! Contact us today at 219-696-4279 for a free quote!

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