Ask A Professional: What Are Garage Door Springs?

Posted on: March 02, 2021
Ask A Professional: What Are Garage Door Springs?

Ask A Professional: What Are Garage Door Springs?

While they are an essential part of your garage door, many don’t know what garage door springs are or what they do for your door. To help you better understand your garage door, Affordable Garage Door, Inc. is sharing vital information about these springs.

What Are Garage Door Springs?

Door springs play an essential role in your garage door’s function. But what exactly are they, and what do they do? Your garage door’s springs are responsible for balancing and counteracting the force of gravity on your door. There are two types of springs found on your garage door: torsion springs and extension springs. Both springs have specific jobs that are essential to stable operation.

  • Torsion Springs: Torsion springs help balance your garage door and ensure that the pressure caused by the opening and closing of your door is evenly distributed. When balanced correctly, your door will be easy to lift and run smoothly.
  • Extension Springs: Extension springs are responsible for using their force to pull your garage door against the force of gravity. Without these springs, your door would be incapable of easily opening.

How to Know Garage Door Springs Have Gone Bad

Your garage door springs, like most things in life, have an age limit. On average, and if maintained properly, your springs can last anywhere from seven to nine years. However, if your garage door sees excessive use, such as more than two cycles of four operations a day, the life expectancy could decrease to four to six years. In addition to their age, you should pay close attention to the functionality of your garage door. 

What You Should Do if Your Springs Need Repairs or Replacements

If you suspect that your garage door springs are causing issues with your door’s operation, contact a professional as soon as possible. Garage door technicians have the training, tools, and experience needed to safely and professionally repair or replace your damaged, broken, or missing garage door springs. Those without proper training should never attempt to handle garage door springs by themselves. Not only can improper installation cause dangerous and sometimes fatal accidents, such as your garage door falling, but garage door springs exude immense force and can cause severe injuries.

If you are having issues with your door getting stuck while running, or if it will not open or close at all, the springs are likely in need of repairs or replacements. Affordable Garage Door, Inc. has a team of trained professionals who can examine your garage door springs and rebalance or replace them if necessary. With over three decades of garage door repairs, replacements, and installations, our team is highly trusted and experienced in what they do. To schedule a professional inspection of your garage door, call or fill out the form online, and a member of our garage door team will take care of the rest.

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