Avoid Storing These Items in Your Garage This Spring

Posted on: March 30, 2021
Avoid Storing These Items in Your Garage This Spring

Avoid Storing These Items in Your Garage This Spring

Not sure if you’re guilty of these garage storage blunders? Keep reading to discover what items the team at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. recommends avoiding storing in your garage in the spring months.


If you have a favorite T-shirt or a summer dress that you’re looking to pack away during the chillier months, find somewhere other than the garage. Clothing items are highly susceptible to mold and mildew growth and are a welcomed burrow for wildlife such as mice, raccoons, and possums looking for a reprieve from the spring showers.


Furniture, especially items made from wood and particleboard, should never be stored in the garage. While the extra space may be inviting to keep an old dresser or table, the damp conditions of your garage in the spring can cause damage to your pieces, resulting in warped wood, bubbling, and swelling. If you’re planning to give the item to a family member or friend or donate it, arrange to do so immediately so that you can make room for your new piece but don’t have to risk damage to the old furniture. 


While you may think that keeping the extra propane you stocked up on for the grill in the garage is okay, it is one of the worst ideas. Not only are propane tanks not designed to be stored in closed spaces, but the fluctuating temperatures can cause pressure issues in your tank, resulting in a propane leak. It’s safe to keep your tank outdoors all year long, seeing as propane is unaffected by the excessive temperatures that the midwest tends to see. Watch out for extreme rainfall, though, as this can result in a rusted tank. Cover up your propane tank with a tarp to keep it dry even in the strongest of storms.


While having an abundance of food is hardly a problem, storing the additional products can cause an issue. It is never recommended that you keep extra food items, especially canned goods, in your garage. Humidity and the still chilly temps can wreak havoc on your canned and dry foods, causing them to spoil. Additionally, these items are enticing to critters who have found their way into your garage or those looking for a meal in the still-sparse spring landscape.

One way to help regulate your garage’s temperature and humidity and keep the critters out is by installing a high-quality garage door. Affordable Garage Door, Inc. has several door styles that add an extra layer of insulation to keep your garage just a little warmer and drier. Plus, if your current door has damaged panels, broken windows, or is improperly positioned, wildlife can enter and cause further issues in your garage. Call us today to discover your affordable garage door options and keep your garage warm, dry, and critter-free this spring!

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