Benefits of a Commercial Garage Door

Posted on: March 06, 2023
Benefits of a Commercial Garage Door

Benefits of a Commercial Garage Door

Determining the best upgrades to your business can be exhausting. There are infrastructure needs, software and technology innovations and employee investments. One investment that can offer a big bang for your buck is a new commercial garage door.

Here are some benefits to installing a new garage door at your commercial property:

  1. Security: A new door provides a better barrier to potential break-ins and theft. The latest in garage doors and garage door openers have innovative ways to keep your business secure. A new garage door is especially more secure if your current door is old, has broken panels and can be an avenue to breach your business’s perimeter.
  2. Durability: Commercial garage doors are available in a variety of materials that provide a stronger sense of durability and longevity. They are meant to stand up to the tough task of working at your business. Steel coil doors and the industrial series are both options for commercial applications.
  3. Energy: Today’s garage doors have energy efficiency in mind and can provide the insulation to create cost savings on your utility bills as well as a more comfortable environment. You will find these high quality, polystyrene insulated steel sectional doors are a great way to boost your building’s energy efficiency.
  4. Looks: Businesses have curb appeal too! Especially if your business welcomes guests and customers, you will want to have an inviting entryway and space. There are garage door options to create a new look or style that will translate to smiles on your customers’ faces.
  5. Protection: Newer garage doors can be a better barrier to help with fire protection. Stronger doors can help alleviate damage and fumes from spreading in case there is a fire at your place.

Many Options to Fit Your Space

Our Affordable Garage Door crew can review what your current garage door looks like and what will add the most benefits to your business. We pride ourselves on serving the region for years, and our expert technicians understand the ins and outs of the industry. Aluminum commercial garage doors are made to open up a space and provide a modern feel filled with lots of natural light. We see these often at restaurants, car dealerships and retail spaces. It adds an architectural element. More industrial spaces may need specialty products. We can help install pass doors, chain link security doors and dock seals.

Beyond working with business owners, we help homeowners with all of their garage door needs. Styles range from modern to classic with your choice of material, color and hardware. We work on pole barn doors as well. Our technicians understand the complex components that make up garage doors, and they can help with any needed repairs from broken springs and cracked panels to bent rails and malfunctioning openers. Reach out through our online contact form for assistance.

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