Boost Curb Appeal with These 2021 Garage Door Trends

Posted on: May 04, 2021
Boost Curb Appeal with These 2021 Garage Door Trends

Boost Curb Appeal with These 2021 Garage Door Trends

Are you interested in upgrading your garage door and want to stay on-trend? Read on to learn more about 2021’s curb-appeal boosting garage door trends!

Shine Some Light with Windows

A major garage door trend we’re seeing emerge in 2021 is the windowed garage door. It’s grown increasingly popular to dot a few windows here and there on a garage door to add natural light to the rather dark space, but this year, designers are taking it a step further. The full-windowed garage design may be a little intimidating, especially if you live in a heavily populated or traversed area. Luckily, tinting and frosting options are available, allowing you to stay up-to-date with garage designs, let in plenty of natural light, and preserve the privacy you desire.

Upgrade to a Smart Opener

How many times have you had to turn around before starting your morning commute just to make sure you closed your garage door? This anxiety and hassle can be a thing of the past when installing a smart garage door opener! Smart, Wi-Fi-compatible garage openers are continuing to rise in popularity due to their ease of use and ability to control your garage from anywhere on your Wi-Fi-enabled device. Double-check that you’ve shut your door, turn on the lights, and more with the help of a new garage door opener available at Affordable Garage Door, Inc.!

Make a Statement with Color

We’ve always said that when choosing a new garage door, you should match it to the colors of your home, be it your front door, shutters, or siding color. However, 2021 has brought on the trend of statement garage doors. The key to choosing a statement color, though, is ensuring that it’s not so different that it looks out of place but still stands out amongst your home’s exterior. Currently, colors such as rust, sage, and yellow are popular choices for garage doors, as they typically make a statement while also looking beautiful mixed with most home exteriors.

Keep it Classy with Carriage Doors

While the team here at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. has always been a fan of carriage doors, the home exterior design industry has finally caught onto the beautiful, classic flare that these doors provide. Carriage doors are making a massive comeback in 2021 due to their durability, energy efficiency, and style choices. Plus, many carriage door options have windows, which allows you to stay extra on-trend this year!

Ready to upgrade your home’s appearance with a trendy new garage door? Contact the specialists at Affordable Garage Door, Inc., and we will happily help you find the perfect door for an unbeatable price.

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