Boosting Your Home’s Property Appeal

Posted on: April 30, 2019
Boosting Your Home’s Property Appeal

Boosting Your Home’s Property Appeal

When it comes to home sales, a few repairs and upgrades can go a long way in boosting your curb appeal, as well as the cash potential buyers are willing to shell out. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Flower Gardens

Spring is the perfect time for planting flowers, and filling your front garden with bright, fragrant blooms will get buyers in the mood for spring. It’ll also help your house stand head-and-shoulders above the competition. This year, try to experiment with some new flowers, making your garden extra exotic and really blowing away anyone who visits. The best part about gardens is that with a little time and attention — and low financial investment — you can improve your home’s looks.

A New Garage Door

As far as home-improvement and home saleability, a new garage door goes the distance! While most people think of your standard painted-white wood or metal rolling door, there are many new options for garage doors which are currently taking the market by storm.

For instance, if you are hoping to give your home a regal, vintage feel, the Canyon Ridge Collection is an excellent choice, evoking the look of an old manor or a classy stable. Finding the right door to tie together the front of your garage — whether it is attached to your home or not — will automatically draw the eyes of top buyers, and will likely boost the prices that they are willing to pay for your property. After all, how many garages have you seen that fail to match their house? The difference between a tastefully-matched garage door and a random slab of wood or metal are immediately apparent.

To shop for the perfect garage door, reach out to Affordable Garage Door Inc. today!

Light it Up!

There is nothing more inviting for a home than a warm light burning in your doorway or beside your driveway. Investing in a beautiful, ornamental lamp or hanging light will convince many buyers that your home is well-loved and welcoming to guests, especially as the warm summer nights come rolling in.

Further, a few tasteful lights are a relatively low investment for both time and money. If you already have lights, make sure you replace the bulbs and clean off any cobwebs or winter debris, polish up the glass and check out how it looks at night.

Selling Your Home this Spring

Whether you are planting a garden or replacing your garage door with something classy and exciting, the potential buyers will be able to see the attention you’ve poured into your home. Get in contact with our team for help replacing your garage door, or getting your current door in shape before you host any showings!

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