Can I Convert My Manual Garage Door to an Automatic Door?

Posted on: January 07, 2023
Can I Convert My Manual Garage Door to an Automatic Door?

Can I Convert My Manual Garage Door to an Automatic Door?

A manual garage door can be a daily cumbersome chore that is even worse in the winter and inclement weather. If you still face the task of getting out of your vehicle to open and close your door, then it is time to consider converting it to an automatic door. If you have children, a manual door can be dangerous and impossible to open and close. A manual garage door can also be a signal to would-be criminals to break into your home.

Bring Your Garage Door into the Modern World

First and foremost, an automatic garage door can ease your concerns about safety. There are protections built into an automatic garage door, such as a sensor to stop the door from moving if there is something in the way. An automatic garage door is more secure with an innovative garage door opener.

You can consider a conversion kit if you would like to upgrade your garage door from manual to automatic. This option is not for all older, manual garage doors. The best way to determine if this will work or not is to contact our team here at Affordable Garage Door to inspect your door and offer our best advice and guidance. We have the expertise and knowledge as we have been working in the industry since 1998. We have seen all kinds of doors over the years as well as all kinds of problems and issues that need to be repaired. We will offer a price quote for any work that needs to be completed at your home.

Benefits of a Whole New Garage Door

While you may at first consider a conversion, installation of a new modern garage door may be the best answer. A conversion kit cannot upgrade the style or look of your old garage door. If it is manual, then is it likely an older style that has seen better days. There may be damage or peeling paint that cannot be addressed with a conversion kit. You will change the function of the door, but not the vibe and look. 

Our garage door offerings are available in so many different styles that fit all types of homes. You can select from classic and traditional to modern and sleek for your new garage door. We install and work with Clopay garage doors as a Master Authorized Dealer and you will find your fit among their varied series. They have a class wood collection that is the way to go for a traditional feel that has the warmth of wood. If you want a contemporary style, you can select from the Modern Steel Collection for a glass and clean lines look. If you just want a functional door that is new, then you can check out the Value or Premium Series options.

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