Can Sunlight Affect My Garage Door Sensors?

Posted on: June 01, 2023
Can Sunlight Affect My Garage Door Sensors?

Can Sunlight Affect My Garage Door Sensors?

The sensors on your garage door have a very important job! The sensors are in place to “see” if there are any pets, people or property in the way when your door is about to close. When you hit your garage door opener wall button and your door stops and reverses, you expect to find that your kid has left a ball in the way or maybe the rear of your vehicle is a little closer than you had expected. So, you walk to check it out, and there is nothing in sight. You try to close your garage door again and it does the same thing: stops and reverses. What is going on?

The Sunlight Effect

Strong sun rays can affect the sensors on your garage door. The sun can mimic the effects of a solid object or person that interferes with your door’s sensors. Your sensors will be affected if the beam between the two is broken by sunlight. A photocell that is interrupted will prompt the door to reverse and keep it from opening or closing. The sensitivity of the sensors is important to their function, but can cause a disturbance if they are being blocked by sun rays.

What You Can Do

On a case-by-case basis, you can work through the issue if you believe that the sun is affecting your sensors. You can press and hold your wall button more than once until your door closes. When your garage door bypasses the sensor line, it will remain shut as the sun will not be able to affect the sensors anymore.

If your sensors are sensitive to sunlight and it continues to be a problem, take a moment to check them out closely. The sensors may have a buildup of debris or dirt that is affecting the proper function of your sensors. It is good to stay on top of the maintenance of your garage door that you can safely do yourself. You can make sure that your family is safe by testing your sensors every once in a while. You can do this by putting an object in the way of your garage door and its sensors and hitting the button. If your door does not stop and reverse, you need to have it checked out by a professional.

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