Choosing the Best Material for Your New Garage Door

Posted on: August 25, 2015
Choosing the Best Material for Your New Garage Door

Choosing the Best Material for Your New Garage Door


The best thing about a wooden garage door is the beauty and craftsmanship that it offers; wood garage doors are both functional and aesthetic in nature. Wood garage doors can be crafted from cedar, redwood, fir, and more depending upon preference and style.

In addition to looks, another benefit of a wood garage door is that it offers more insulation than some other garage door material types, including most steel garage doors. However, wood garage doors can be hard to maintain. Especially in areas like Cedar Lake, Lowell, and Highland where temperatures can get hot and humidity levels high, wood garage doors may require frequent maintenance.


Fiberglass doors are less common than are wooden garage doors and other garage door materials, and offer poor insulation as well. However, fiberglass does offer protection from water erosion, making it a wise choice for those who are near water. Fiberglass is also slightly more resistant to dents than aluminum.


The biggest advantage to choosing an aluminum garage door is its cost, as aluminum garage doors are typically the least expensive material option. Aluminum garage doors are also much lighter than other garage door materials, placing less strain on garage door springs. Aluminum is also rust-resistant. Disadvantages to aluminum garage doors include poor insulation and easy denting, the latter of which can be tough to repair. Click here to learn more about garage door repairs.


Steel is the most popular garage door material, and for good reason. Not only is steel very durable and strong, but insulated garage doors can also be purchased, helping to reduce energy waste and reduce noise. Steel is also available in a number of different styles and can be painted in nearly any color. Steel garage doors are also more resistant to impact, and are unlikely to dent in wind storms, minor fender benders, or if hit with toys or other objects.

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