Beverly Shores Garage Door Installation

Beverly Shores Garage Door Installation

When you own a beautiful lake house, aesthetics are important. And while the interior of your house may draw the bulk of your attention, as you furnish and clean to your heart's delight, your home's exterior is just as important! After all, passersby don't see inside your house, and having a cohesive and attractive exterior style can help your home stand out from others around the area. For many homes, an overlooked area of the house will always be the garage: your garage is seen as an area of necessity, a place where you can park your car and store your tools. However, an ugly garage door can ruin the rest of your home's exterior appeal, taking a significant toll on your property value and curb appeal. Of course, a good garage door will also need to be functional, and finding a beautiful and highly-functional door can be difficult. However, our Beverly Shores garage door installation have the best of both worlds!

Beautiful Garage Door Selection

At Affordable Garage Door Inc. we carry a vast range of different styles and modifications for your garage door. A few of our most popular and beautiful doors include:

  • The Canyon Ridge Collection (both Limited Edition and Ultra-Grain) – These doors provide a wide entrance to your garage, along with large, majestic carriage doors in the various styles and textures. The Limited Edition is even molded to the texture and hue of real wood, giving it a vivid, lifelike appearance. These doors provide a vintage, classy feel to your home’s most humble entrance.
  • Reserve Collection Limited Edition Series – While the Canyon Ridge models are molded to take on the appearance of genuine, authentic wood, these doors are made from handcrafted, authentic wood, evoking images of a livery stable or vintage farm. You can choose between fir, redwood, cedar or meranti, and can be stained or painted to suit your tastes.
  • Classic Wood Collection – For those who prefer traditional paneled garage doors, this collection is a must-see! These handcrafted paneled doors come in hemlock, redwood or cedar, and can include windows if you so prefer.

Of course, we have even more designs available at our showroom in Northwest Indiana and are happy to help you customize your door to fit your tastes best. Give our Beverly Shores garage door installation team a call and see how we can help you today!

Our Garage Door Installation

When it comes to our service, you should expect nothing short of perfection. We are experts in the field of garage door installation — having helped clients around the area for over three decades! And while there are plenty of functional, insulated garage doors out there, we offer some of the finest Beverly Shore garage door installation services, with doors handcrafted and customized to your place of residence. We understand how important it is for your exterior to maintain the same quality of appearance as the rest of your home, and our beautiful wood and imitation doors are perfect for that!

Contact Our Beverly Shores Garage Door Installation Team

If you would like to boost your homes curb appeal (and its aesthetic beauty) with highly-functional and insulated garage doors, give us a call today or visit our website and leave us a message. We’ve been serving the area with great Beverly Shores garage door installation for many years, and we’re happy to help beautify your home even further!



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