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Signs of Problems: How to Recognize Broken Garage Springs

Knowing how to recognize broken garage springs and when you should call a professional can help to ensure that things get moving again fast. Some signs of broken garage springs in Highland that you should keep an eye out for include:

  • Your garage door won’t open all of the way. Are you experiencing the problem where your garage door rises about a foot, and then stops before continuing on its path and opening all of the way? If so, this is characteristic of broken garage springs, as when the force on the garage door is too much (thanks to a broken spring), the opener force or sensitivity is activated, which will prevent the door from opening.
  • You heard what sounds like a major crash in the garage. Did you hear what sounded like a major crash coming from your garage? If so, you could have heard the breaking of a torsion spring. Spring breaks can sound explosive because they are carrying a huge amount of energy; when they break, the energy is dispelled and a loud sound is created.
  • Your garage door crashes when being closed. As opposed to closing more slowly than normal, or refusing to close entirely at all, another sign of a broken garage door spring could be a garage door that crashes to the ground when being closed. When the weight of the door is uneven due to a broken spring (which is no longer doing its job to balance the weight), this could be too much, and the imbalance will cause a crashing sensation.
  • The garage door spring looks broken. Another way that you may be able to identify a broken garage door spring is just by looking at it. If your garage door spring looks broken, it could be. A broken garage door spring may appear like it’s lost tension, is worn out or elongated, or has a gap in between the torsion spring.

The above list is not inclusive – if you are having a garage door problem, a broken spring could be the problem. Broken garage door springs are one of the most common reasons customers call us in Highland.

How Affordable Garage Door Can Help

At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., we know that a broken garage door is something you just don’t have time for. When your garage door isn’t working as it should, we will diagnose the problem and get to fixing it fast. We have been working in the garage door industry for more than 30 years, and know what we’re doing. For a free quote and repairs that you can trust, please contact our Highland garage door team today. You can request your quote online now.

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