Common Garage Door Repairs in Griffith

Common Garage Door Repairs Griffith Homeowners Encounter

Your garage door is an essential component of your house’s security measures and allows you ease of access into your home. When it functions you have peace of mind that your house is secured and protected, however, when your garage door fails to work properly you are suddenly faced with the immediate need to repair your garage door. At Affordable Garage Doors Inc., we encourage homeowners to schedule a few inspections a year along with frequent lubrication of garage door parts.

Affordable Garage Door Inc., Can Help Banish These Problems

With regular maintenance, these four most common garage door problems can become a thing of the past for homeowners:

  • Broken Garage Door Springs – The signs of a broken garage door spring are that your door is too difficult to lift open or it slams shut too fast. An automatic garage door won’t lift at all – so you’ll need to disengage the emergency release and operate it by hand until you contact a skilled technician to fix the cracked or cleanly split springs.
  • Your Garage Door Sensor is Misaligned – Your garage door simply won’t close if the two laser sensors found on the base of your garage door are not properly aligned. Misalignment of your sensors can easily occur if an object is placed in front of the sensor or your sensor is bumped. If these sensors become misaligned it can cause the door to immediately reverse or not operate at all. The sensor boxes can be adjusted until lined up again.
  • Dead Garage Door Remote – Most garage door remotes last for a very long time before they need new batteries. But if your remote won’t open the door, it may be time to replace the batteries. In some cases, the remote may be broken altogether, especially if it was dropped.
  • You Have a Garage Door Off Track A garage door can easily get off track if you accidently hit it with your car or another object. Or sometimes if you are manually closing your door, you can slam it down with too much force. Both of these scenarios will require maintenance to the track and your door may need to be reattached to the rail which requires the assistance of a garage door technician.

Additional Garage Door Problems You May Encounter:

Our qualified Griffith, Indiana professionals at Affordable Garage Doors Inc., are also experienced to fix the following garage door problems:

  • Won’t operate with the remote control or keypad;
  • Won’t close all the way;
  • Reverses before hitting the floor;
  • Reverses immediately after touching the floor;
  • Garage door does not open completely;
  • Garage door doesn’t open in winter;
  • Garage door opens, but the motor won’t stop running.

Regardless of the garage repair or maintenance your garage door requires, Affordable Garage Door has you covered.

Prevent Problems with Garage Door Maintenance from Affordable Garage Door Inc.

The best way to avoid problems before they occur is to contact Affordable Garage Door Inc., to schedule regular quarterly garage door maintenance. Our experienced Griffith, Indiana garage door technicians will inspect and lubricate your garage door parts just a few times a year. This preventative measure will save a significant amount of money and prevent the hassle of having to suddenly deal with unexpected repairs. Contact us today at 219-696-4279 or visit us online at www.affordabledoorinc.com



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