Custom Garage Door in Dyer

Custom Garage Door in Dyer

For more than 30 years, our professional team of experts at Affordable Garage Door Inc. has been assisting both homeowners and business owners in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana areas. We began in our own residential garage and have grown to our space today where we strive to serve our communities with a strong sense of customer service as well as quality products. Our garage doors are from Clopay and are backed up by a strong warranty. The range of styles available allow you to truly customize your garage door right to your home or business. You can really find your own look by selecting from a range of options and design elements.

Custom Garage Door in Dyer Adds Style to Your Home

While your garage door has a big function as part of your home, it is also a great way to add style or make your home really stand out on your street. Sure your door allows you to easily access your home and helps it stay safe and secure, but have you thought about how a new garage door can ramp up your home’s look? There are so many collections by Clopay that provide a range of panel styles, colors, window options and materials. The Coachman Collection is a unique way to add a hint of classic, old-school style. These garage doors look like wood carriage-house doors from back when horses were our main mode of transportation. While these garage doors look like wood, they are made up of multiple layers of low-maintenance steel and insulation. On top is an overlay of woodgrain textured composite.

A more modern look is also available in the mid-century home styles that have a contemporary style. You can select from a mix of finishes and window styles. You can pick from doors that have grooves or do not and a woodgrain finish or paint colors.

More Than Just a Custom Garage Door in Dyer

If you find that your door is not working properly, our team of expert technicians can come out as quickly as possible to review the issue and offer a solution. Your garage door can be dangerous if it is not working properly. We can also fix your garage door opener or if needed, help with a replacement of a new opener. All of the elements of your garage door make up the entire system, so if one piece is not working, the whole door shuts down. If your garage door rails are bent or your springs are broken, we can fix it safely and get your garage door back to running smoothly. 

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