Dune Acres Garage Door Installation

Dune Acres Garage Door Installation

When it comes to your garage -- whether it is attached or a separate building -- appearances matter. While it is always most important to ensure that your garage is functioning, with a door which can open and close properly, a garage door's aesthetic appeal is often underestimated by homeowners. The difference between a cheap, ugly garage door and a beautiful, customized wood-paneled job is immediately apparent, and those who value their home's external beauty should always invest in a garage door which represents their home's style. At Affordable Garage Door Inc. our Dune Acres garage door installation process will leave you with a beautiful and unique front entrance to your garage -- while remaining as functional and efficient as any other door -- drawing eyes and envy from all around.

Our Process

When you have decided that it’s time for a garage door replacement, there are a few steps you (or whoever you hire) will need to undertake.

First, you will need to come up with a plan for your garage door’s appearance. After all, when you are completing a replacement for aesthetic purposes, the actual appearance of your door may be the most important part! At Affordable Garage Door Inc. we offer an assortment of different doors and styles to choose from — including a range of vintage wood and imitation stable doors, wood-paneled doors, and standard metal doors. We can also help you customize your door with different colors, woods, and stains for a unique flair.

Next, it is imperative that your old garage door is removed and disposed of. While it is possible to complete this step without professional care, we do not advise it. An experienced hand can cause massive infrastructure damage to your garage, destroying springs or pulleys. Garage doors are also heavy and cumbersome, and attempting this job without the proper equipment or manpower can result in severe injuries and damages to the rest of your house.

Finally, your Dune Acres garage door installation can begin. This is usually an even tougher process than removal, and should not be trusted to amateurs. Luckily, our team has over three decades of garage door replacement experience, and we’ve left many clients thrilled with our work. Our methods are fast, safe and efficient, and our team is fully licensed and insured to prevent any unnecessary risk.

Contact Our Dune Acres Garage Door Installation Experts

We are happy to help others with their garage door installation. Leaving your home’s exterior appeal — and functionality — to experts is often your best option, and you’ll find our rates are reasonable and an excellent value for the service you will receive. When it comes to Dune Acres garage door installation, we are the best in the business, and we will help get your home fitted with beautiful, efficient doors in no time. Give our team a call at our Northwest Indiana location, or visit our website and leave a few lines explaining what you had in mind. You can also stop by our showroom and see some of our doors for yourself!



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