Garage Door Repair Near Me

Garage Door Repair Near Me

The garage, and certainly the garage door, are parts of the home that are often overlooked. Rather than paying attention to our garage doors and providing them with regular maintenance and inspection, we just assume that everyday, they will do their job as they should. But garage doors, just like all other moving parts and equipment, break down over time. If your garage door isn’t opening or closing, is making a strange sound, is damaged, or has come off of its track, you need to seek garage door repair services near you immediately.

Broken Garage Door? You Need a Professional

When your garage door is broken, attempting to fix it by yourself – unless you are professionally trained in garage door repair – is not advised. Instead, you should always call a professional. Trying to repair a garage door on your own could be–

  • Dangerous. Garage doors have many moving parts and components, all of which should be understood before an attempt at repairs is made. A small error during the repair process could have devastating consequences, including serious injuries caused by snapping cables or a crashing garage door.
  • Expensive. While you may think that repairing your garage door on your own will save you money, the truth is that unless you know exactly what is wrong and how to fix it, trying to repair your broken garage door will probably cost you more in time and money that hiring a professional would. In fact, you may even do more damage in the process, leading to expensive repairs or the need for garage door replacement.
  • Stressful. The great thing about hiring a professional is that once you call our team, you don’t have to worry about anything else – we perform a full assessment of your garage door to determine exactly what the problem is, and then immediately begin the repair process. Most garage door issues are fixable within a couple of hours.


Our Garage Door Repair Services

We handle all types of garage door problems, and are familiar with all garage door components and mishaps. We are able to repair or replace:

If damage to your garage door is significant, we can also help you to decide whether or not it is time to replace your garage door and invest in new garage door installation.  

Why You Should Choose Our Garage Door Repair Company

Affordable Garage Door, Inc. is the best garage door repair company in Lowell or surrounding areas of Indiana. We have been serving the community and homeowners like you for more than 30 years. We carry the highest quality garage doors and garage door parts, and all of our technicians are certified and insured. We offer fast and reliable repairs, and always keep our prices affordable.

Request Your Free Quote Today

When your garage door is broken, you want to hire a company that you can count on to get the problem fixed fast. At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., we have the garage door repair specialists you are looking for, and can quickly be at your location upon request. To request your free quote today, send us a message, or call our location directly at 219-696-4279.



Garage Door Repair

We offer a wide range of services for both commercial and residential customers, and we don’t cut corners. We can help you solve a variety of common problems.



Garage Door Installation

We install garage doors, both for new construction and to replace old doors. With Affordable Garage Door, Inc. you will always know what you’re getting for your money.


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