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Garage doors are rarely top-of-mind until there is an issue! At Affordable Garage Door, we are all about garage doors and have been for more than 30 years. Our crew members have honed their repair and installation skills on countless projects since we first opened our own doors. While today we are in our large building, we began in a residential garage and have come full circle since then. We work with an industry-leading brand, Clopay, to offer our residential and commercial clients the best variety of styles and selections. Whether your place is modern or traditional, you are sure to find a fit for your new door. Our specialty offerings include pole barn services as well. 

Garage Door Repair Near St. John Indiana Needs Immediate Attention

Attention all do-it-yourselfers – Please understand skilled professionals are needed for garage door repairs. Garage doors have many moving and complicated parts that take training and experience to address and work with. Doors are heavy and it can be dangerous to be around a malfunctioning door. Our team members have the proper tools to work on whatever issues you are experiencing as well as the specific know-how. Springs can be an especially worrisome part and we can install them safely and properly. We will make sure that your door is balanced properly. If it is not, it could lead to additional problems down the road. There are a variety of parts that make up your garage door and they all work together as one unit to function correctly.

Among the issues that we continue to address are bad springs, tracks, or panels. When a spring is bad, your door may not lift or when panels are out of place, you can have an uneven gap leaving a vulnerable point. Doors can take a lot of abuse, and panels make up the entire outer surface. If you have cracked or bent pieces, we may be able to replace just that area. Problems with panels may seem minor, but later on, you may see tilting of your door or pressure on other parts such as your tracks or springs.

Installation, Repair For Your Garage Door Near St. John Indiana

Sometimes, it is better to replace your whole door due to continuing issues or malfunctions. Our guidance can help you select the style that will best complement your property. Within each design collection, you can change up various items, including panel type, color, window size, or glass finish, to create the door that will truly fit your place and be unique as you and your home. A new door can really uplift your curb appeal and add so much to your place or business.

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