Garage Door Service in Dyer

Garage Door Service in Dyer

While we specialize in both beautiful and elegant garage doors, the practical importance of a garage door can't be overstated. Without a working door, your car may be stranded outside (or inside!) your garage, equipment might become inaccessible, and it'll be a lot harder getting that garage cleaning done! In other words, having a large, easily-opened and closed door is necessary for your garage to be a garage. So what happens when your garage door or opener aren't working? Your garage goes from being a depot for your lawn equipment, cars and seasonal items to a glorified basement. Our garage door specialists can help you return functionality to your garage, repairing your door, replacing your opener, or fixing the other technicalities that keep everything running smoothly. Contact us for excellent garage door service in Dyer.

Repair and Service

To start, it’s vital that we recognize what is wrong with your garage door. Luckily, doors are reasonably durable, and there are only a few things that usually go wrong. Here are a couple of the most common repairs your door might need:

  • Broken springs – this is by far the most common problem many aging garage doors face. Over time, and with constant use, your garage door springs will eventually break or lose functionality. Having them replaced regularly will help your garage avoid needing further repairs down the line.
  • Shifting/broken panels – when the panels of your garage door shift or crack, they often alter the shape and proportions of your door, preventing it from opening or closing properly. Having these replaced can help your garage aesthetically, but also return function to your door.
  • Broken/bent rails – standard garage doors open by sliding on a set of tracks. If the wheels or the rails break, your garage door won’t be moving any time soon! Having our expert garage door service in Dyer can help you replace or repair these rails.
  • Broken opener – if your garage’s automatic opener breaks, opening the garage by hand can do even more damage to your garage. Getting the mechanism repaired or replaced should be a top priority.

Whether you need your rails, panels or springs replaced, our garage door service and repair can help you ensure your door starts working immediately — and stays that way for the foreseeable future.

Not Sure What is Wrong?

Sometimes it is not clear why your door won’t close or open. Luckily, our staff has been repairing, inspecting and replacing garage doors for over 30 years. We’re happy to take a look at your door and let you know why it won’t close/open and offer a free estimate for how much it should cost to repair. Our garage door service in Dyer is second-to-none; you’ll see for yourself when you call us!

Get in Touch!

To reach our garage door experts, give us a call today, or reach out online. Just leave a brief message describing what you need help with — whether it is spring replacement, rail repair or a new opener. We’ve provided the region with top-of-the-line garage door products and services for several decades, and our happy customers know who to call when their door doesn’t open or close. Reach out to the premier garage door service in Dyer.



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