Garage Door Service in St. John

Garage Door Service in St. John

When it comes to your home's visual appeal, your garage door is often overlooked. People around the Northwest Indiana region spend thousands of dollars every year improving their home's visual appeal and functionality, whether that means replacing a front door, installing new lights or investing in a brand-new gutter system. However, the garage is often excluded when people are compiling their lists of home maintenance. Maybe this is because people view the garage as a naturally rugged area, where functionality trumps visual appeal. However, when you get in touch with a garage door service in St. John, you'll be amazed at how much a new garage door -- whether it is classy or rugged -- can help your garage look and work better. At Affordable Garage Door Inc., our experts have years of experience repairing and replacing garage doors, and we're excited to hear from you! Reach out to us today!

 Beautiful New Doors

A multitude of different factors define your home’s beauty. Many of these are beyond your control — whether your home is located in a scenic area, for instance — while others are well within your control. Keeping your home’s exterior clean, for example, and regularly replacing broken and dirty siding, doors and windows, will undoubtedly improve your home’s curb appeal. However, a new garage door can be seen from a distance, and will really set your home apart, especially since many others overlook this particular aspect of their home. 

At Affordable Garage Door Inc., we provide expert garage door service in St. John — including new garage doors and professional installation. Some of our specific models include:

  • Canyon Ridge Collection Ultra Grain Series
  • Reserve Collection Semi-Custom Series
  • Avante Collection
  • Coachman Collection
  • Premium Series
  • Value Series

Of course, these are only a small sample of the doors we have available at our Indiana showroom. Stop by today if you would like to see any of these models for yourself, or to browse the rest of our expansive collection. 

Other Garage Door Services

Though we’re happy to install a new door for you, we also understand that many people are entirely satisfied with the door they already have. However, refusing to exchange a broken garage door can impact your mobility this versatile space, making repair and maintenance a must! For all of you, we’re just as happy helping you repair your door, and we can provide a range of different repair services, depending on what problems your door is facing. Here are a few examples of our repair services: 

  • Springs repair
  • Non-closing door
  • Broken/warped panels
  • Broken/bent rails
  • Broken runners

For the average homeowner, a broken garage door can be much too large of a project to handle on your own. That is where we come in. Affordable Garage Door Inc.’s garage door service in St. John has seen many clients come in with broken doors, and we’ve done our best to help each and every one of them. Call us today to see for yourself! 

Contact Affordable Garage Door Inc.

To reach Affordable Garage Door Inc. give us a call at our NWI office, or by reaching out on our website. Whichever method you prefer, one of our awesome team members will speak with you and set up a time for us to come out and offer our expert estimate. After all, we’re the premier garage door service in St. John for a reason!



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We install garage doors, both for new construction and to replace old doors. With Affordable Garage Door, Inc. you will always know what you’re getting for your money.


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