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NWI Garage Door Track Repair Vital to Your Safety

Affordable Garage Door has been in the industry for more than 30 years. Our professional team of experts understands the complexities of repairing garage door components and the safety rules that need to be in place to work on the heavy and cumbersome units. A professional is needed to work on a broken garage door, so that you do not hurt yourself trying to work on it yourself. Our team members understand that each piece of your garage door needs to be at its best for your whole door to work properly as a unit. We will go over any issues first before we begin on your project.

Garage Door Track Repair by Our NWI Experts

Unfortunately, there are many garage door parts that can break and wear down. We have the experience to check out each and every one, so that your door is back to working properly. Your garage door springs are the unit that lifts your door whether it is by hand or with a garage door opener. Your door may get stuck open or closed if your springs need to be replaced. We are knowledgeable about both torsion and extension springs. Also, your panels may be separate pieces, but they do work together when your door is working. Even if just one panel is out of place, it can affect your garage door’s functionality.

Your rails or tracks on your garage door are what keeps your door where it is at and guides it smoothly. If there is a bend or dent in your track, then it can mess up your whole garage door. When your wheels are out of alignment, your door cannot move properly. Our repair team is also here to work on your garage door cables, so that your door does not get jammed.

Garage Door Track Repair and Beyond in NWI

Your garage door will get to a point where it is beyond repairs and fixes. If you are spending lots of money on replacing parts or if your garage door is beginning to look out-of-date, you should consider installing a new garage door and garage door opener. A new garage door erases the worry of your door breaking at any point or getting stuck open leaving your garage vulnerable to weather and intruders. Our Clopay offerings range from many styles, colors and materials for our homeowners to choose from to fit their homes. The Modern Steel Collection has many finishes that look like wood as well as a mix of colors. This collection is best for a contemporary or mid-century modern home.

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We understand that you may be a hands-on homeowner, but when it comes to your garage door, please do not work on it yourself. It can be a dangerous project. Reach out to us through our online contact form



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