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How Do I Know if My Garage Door Torsion Springs Are Broken?

It is not always obvious to tell if your garage door torsion springs are broken and in need of a replacement, as when a garage door isn’t opening or closing as it should, the problem could be the result of a number of different things. However, there are some signs that the problem is your garage door springs, including:

  • The garage door will only open about six inches or so before stopping;
  • The garage door crashes when closing;
  • The garage door shakes or is visibly uneven when opening or closing;
  • The top of your garage door is bent; or
  • You heard a loud bang coming from the garage, which is what a breaking torsion spring can sound like.

If you look at your springs, you may also be able to see visible damage and breaks.

Why Should I Contact Affordable Garage Door, Inc. for Broken Garage Springs in Hebron?

If you suspect that your garage torsion springs are broken, it is highly recommended that you contact a garage door professional in Hebron for repairs, rather than attempting to fix the problem yourself. This is because:

  • Garage door repairs can be dangerous. DIY garage door repairs may seem doable to you, but garage door repairs can actually be very dangerous, leading to serious injuries including crush injuries, lacerations, and even amputated limbs in the most severe of cases. If you are not personally trained and experienced in garage door repairs, you should contact a professional.
  • Calling a professional may be less expensive in the long run. One reason that most people want to do garage door repairs themselves is to save money. However, spending money and time on the doing the wrong thing is a waste, and attempting to do it yourself without training could actually result in more expensive problems. Going with a garage door professional from the start is often the most economic route.
  • A garage door professional will fix the problem fast. Your garage door is an important part of your life, and when it isn’t working, you are significantly inconvenienced. If you want your garage door fixed fast, you need to contact a garage door professional who promises quick repairs.


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