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Common Garage Door Repairs We See

The garage door has a number of moving parts, and the garage door system as a whole can be complex. There are a number of things that can go wrong, from the rotting of a wooden garage door to the inefficiency of a reversal system and more. While we are capable of fixing any garage door problem we encounter, the following are some of the most common garage door repairs that we perform for homeowners in Hebron and surrounding areas:

  • Broken garage door springs. Faulty springs can be extremely dangerous. While in most cases, the spring breaks once the door is already closed (preventing it from reopening), in some cases, the spring may break while the garage door is ascending or descending, resulting in the garage crashing closed and creating a major hazard and risk of injury. While some people try to repair garage door springs that are broken themselves, doing so is very risky! The best thing that you can do when a garage door spring breaks is to keep your distance from the garage door, refrain from trying to open or close it, and immediately contact a garage door professional.
  • Broken garage door panels. Like everything else in life, garage door panels age, and as they do, they break down. Rather than replacing your entire garage door (when it is otherwise in good shape), we can repair or replace sections, or panels, of your garage door. Usually, garage door panel repair or replacement is necessary when a garage door panel is dented or cracked, or when a garage door panel is out of alignment. This latter problem can be especially pressing, as a garage door panel out of alignment will put pressure on another part of the garage door, which can then lead to a whole range of other problems.
  • Broken garage door rails. The rails are the part of the garage door system which hold the garage door in place, allowing it to smoothly open and close. If your garage door comes off of its rails, you should contact our team at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. right away. Remember, it is not just enough to have garage door rails -also known as garage door tracks – that are securely in place; your garage door must be able to travel through those tracks smoothly. If there is a problem, we will immediately get to work on correcting it so that your life can go back to normal and your family isn’t at risk of a garage door injury.

Help! My Garage Door Won’t Open

One of the most common reasons that people contact our Hebron professionals is that their garage door won’t open. When a garage door won’t open, it is often because of defective rails or springs, but may also be something to do with the garage door opener or another part of your garage door system. Whatever the issue, we will diagnose the problem quickly and competently, and repair is effectively.

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