Highland Garage Repairs

Highland Garage Repairs

When remodeling the home or performing maintenance, we tend to overlook the garage door, even though it is often the first thing you see when you pull up to your home. Garage doors are made to be sturdy and durable. They should last a long time, but sometimes things go wrong.

Garage doors consist of many motorized parts. They constantly go up and down, in a repetitive motion. Because of this, there are many things that can go wrong with a garage door.  

After many years of constant use, you may be upset to discover that your reliable garage door is no longer working properly. Read on to learn about some common issues garage doors experience and how Affordable Garage Door Inc. in Highland can help you with the repairs.

Common Garage Door Issues

If your garage door won’t open or shut or has some other issue, it is probably due to one of these issues:

  • No power source. This may seem pretty obvious, but your garage door won’t work if it isn’t plugged in. Sometimes it gets unplugged accidentally, so this should be the first thing you check.
  • Broken springs. Broken springs are the most common issue with garage doors. Springs will only last so long before they suddenly give out. If this happens while you’re at home, you’ll certainly know by the loud sound, which is like a gunshot.
  • Cable pops off or snaps. This is another serious situation that requires professional help. When a cable snaps, it will cause the door to fall, and this can cause serious injury to person or damage to a vehicle.
  • Sensitivity needs to be adjusted. This is a quick fix that can help you with your door issues. If the sensitivity is too low, the door won’t open or close.
  • Limit setting needs to be adjusted. If your door closes but then comes back up right away, your settings need to be adjusted. Your door is being tricked into thinking it is hitting an object, so it is springing back up.
  • Door is off its track. Is your door sliding properly? If not, check for obstacles on the track. There may also be bumps or gaps. If you hear squeaks or notice that the door is slowing down, then part of the track is misaligned and needs to be fixed.
  • The photo eye is blocked. The photo eye keeps the door from closing all the way in the event that an object is in the way. If this is not working, it may be dirty. A simple cleaning will often do the trick.

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If your garage door is giving you trouble, it’s time to contact the team at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. for repairs. We have been helping Highland residents with all their garage door needs for more than three decades. Whether your garage door is in need of repair or you require a new garage door altogether, our friendly staff can help. Get a free estimate today by contacting Affordable Garage Door, Inc. at (219) 696-4279.



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