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At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., our experienced garage door repair specialists have been fixing broken garage springs for decades, and are prepared to manage your Lake County garage door springs needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and get your garage door back to work!

Are Your Garage Door’s Springs Broken?

When you call our team, the first thing we will do is perform an assessment of your garage door to determine whether or not broken garage door springs are really the issue. Because springs are in place to help raise and lower a door, one of the easiest ways to spot a broken spring is simply that a garage door is refusing to open, or is crashing when it’s closing. If your garage door is raised and isn’t closing, that can also be a sign of a broken spring. When this is the case, do not continue to try to close the garage door via the garage door opener; this can actually damage your garage door opener.

In addition to refusing to open or close, other signs of a broken or nearly-broken and worn out garage door springs include:

  • A garage door stopping halfway while opening or closing;
  • A garage door that looks crooked or misaligned;
  • Visible signs of damage to the garage door spring, such as a spring that looks stretched out and without tension, or a visible separation in the spring (springs are meant to be tightly wound without separations between coils).

If you heard a loud sound, such as a loud crash or popping/gunshot noise, this can also be a sign of a broken spring.

Lake County Broken Garage Door Spring Repairs

Trying to repair a broken garage door spring by yourself is never a smart idea, as most garage door torsion springs are always under tension. As such, to remove a spring, this tension must be controlled – until the spring is fully unwound, it can be dangerous.

When you call Affordable Garage Door, Inc., our competent professionals have the tools and expertise to safely remove and replace garage door springs. We get the job done fast and efficiently so that your garage door will be in working order again in no time.

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Our technicians at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. are highly trained, and our company has been in business since 1998. We prioritize customer service, and always make sure that our prices are affordable.

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