Lake County Garage Repairs

Lake County Garage Repairs

As a homeowner, you may have dealt with broken electronics and appliances in the past, but never a broken garage door. A garage door that’s not working properly can be caused by a variety of issues. Garage doors are very complex, as they are made from numerous parts. Any of these parts can malfunction, causing your garage door to not open or close properly.

The good news is that with regular maintenance, you can prevent garage door issues from occurring in the first place. Issues can still occur though, and when they do, they can typically be fixed by a professional. If not, replacement is always an option. If your garage door is in need of repair, contact a Lake County garage door professional who has experience with common issues.

Common Garage Door Issues

Everything needs to be in proper working order for your garage door to operate smoothly. Even the smallest issue with a tiny part can greatly affect garage door operation.

Many issues with garage doors involve the springs. The springs make the door go up or down, whether you use the remote or pull the door by hand. If a spring is the problem, a professional can fix it.

Sometimes there are issues with the garage door rails. The rails keep the door in place. When the rails are bent or broken, the garage door is unable to go up and down smoothly. A professional can usually fix them, but if not, they can be replaced.

The cables of the garage door are small but have a lot of work to do. Cables also make your door go up and down. If a cable is loose or becomes misaligned, your garage door can become jammed.  Cables can be realigned or replaced by a professional.

The good news is that sometimes your garage door issues are not directly related to the garage door. It’s possible that your garage door may be working just fine, and you may simply have issues with the remote control. If this is the case, first check to make sure you are not out of range. You should also try opening the garage door from the wall switch. If it opens, then you simply need to change the battery in the remote.

Next, check the antenna position. It should be hanging down from the motor so it is not blocking the signal. If all these solutions fail, try reprogramming the remote. That may do the trick.

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