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Most of the time, though, pole barn contents –like animals or vehicles–are meant to be moved, and therefore require pole barn garage doors. The more efficient the door, the more efficient the process of moving equipment or livestock in and out.

Lake County Pole Barn Garage Door Installation

At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., we understand that pole barn garages doors are just as important as the pole barns themself, and offer you the services, products, and quality that you’re looking for. When you call our team for assistance with your Lake County pole barn needs, we can help you to choose the right pole barn garage door (considering factors like size, style, cost, material, and insulation), remove any existing garage doors, and manage the installation of your new pole barn garage door from start to finish. We also offer pole barn garage door maintenance and repair services, too.

Pole Barn Garage Door Styles

There are multiple different types of pole barn garage door styles available – our professionals can help you to determine which is right for you. These style options include:


  • Overhead pole barn garage doors. Overhead pole barn garage doors are just like a traditional garage door in that the doors open overhead, with springs pulling the garage door up and back into the ceiling. This type of garage door is something we specialize in, and we can create custom pole barn overhead garage doors in the height and width your pole barn requires.



  • Sliding garage doors. Rather than opening overhead, sliding pole barn garage doors slide to the side. These can be a great space saving options, and are especially welcome when the entrance to a pole barn is very wide.



  • Hydraulic and bifold pole barn garage doors. Both hydraulic and bifold pole barn garage doors are very unique, and are often reserved for large pole barns and hanger openings. These too are a great option when overhead space is limited, or a door opening is particularly large.


Keep in mind that in addition to the style of pole barn garage door that you choose, you will also need to make a decision about material, specifically considering things like durability and insulation. If you are storing anything living with your pole barn, such as livestock, a very well-insulated garage door is critical, so choosing a material with a high R-value will be a top priority.

Call Affordable Garage Door, Inc. Today for Pole Barn Garage Door Installation in Lake County

The installation of a new pole barn garage door can improve efficiency and provide you with more peace of mind. To learn more about pole barn garage door options, and to learn more about working with Affordable Garage Door, Inc., call us today.

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