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Why Garage Doors Break Down

Nearly all homeowners in Munster who have a garage have experienced some sort of garage door problem. Here are some common reasons why decay or breakdowns may happen, resulting in the necessity of repairs:

  • Lack of maintenance. Basic garage door maintenance should be performed on a regular basis. When it’s not, a garage door may decay earlier that in would otherwise. Common maintenance to-dos include lubricating moving parts, checking and replacing broken springs, and repairing weather stripping and sealants.
  • Moisture. If maintenance isn’t performed properly (and sometimes, even if it is), moisture can wreak havoc on a garage door. For most garage doors, the biggest problem with moisture is rust. However, for wooden garage doors, moisture can also mean rot, mold, and decay. Moisture can also be a problem in the wintertime when temperatures drop below freezing, as water will expand upon freezing. This can lead to broken parts. In some cases, a garage may even get frozen shut.
  • Age. The reason that your garage door is no longer working as it should may have nothing to do with the above, and may instead be a result of old age alone. Old garage doors tend to need serious repairs, and sometimes even full replacement. If your garage door is older than a decade, contact a professional for an inspection.
  • Accidents. Every accidentally rear-ended your garage door? Or tapped it with the front of your car when pulling in? These things happen, but they can be damaging to a garage, leaving it off balance, breaking a spring or cable, or denting the panels.

Garage Door Repairs We Offer

At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., we understand that garage doors break down for a number of reasons, and that’s why we’re always repaired for whatever comes our way. If your Munster garage door is in a state of disarray, we can help with:

  • Broken springs;
  • Broken cables;
  • Malfunctioning automatic reversal systems;
  • Broken garage door openers and remotes;
  • Damaged garage door panels;
  • Damaged rollers and tracks; and
  • More.

No garage door problem is too big for our experienced Munster garage door repair team!

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