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If you are dealing with a broken garage door, our Northwest Indiana garage repair specialists can help! Contact us today for a free quote.  

Our Northwest Indiana Garage Door Repair Services

We provide all of the Northwest Indiana garage door repair services that you could need, including:

  1. Replacing broken garage door springs. One of the most common things to go wrong with a garage door is for a garage door spring to break. When it does, the garage door may refuse to open all of the way, or may come crashing down as it closes, which can be dangerous. We provide broken garage door springs replacement services that are fast and affordable.
  • Repairing garage door panels. Damage to a garage door’s panels can be sustained in a number of different ways, ranging from weather damage to vandalism to accidentally hitting the garage door with your car. If your garage door panels are broken, we will assess the damage to see if it’s fixable, and start repairs immediately if so.
  • Fixing broken rails. Rails, like other parts of a garage door, can break down with time. In fact, the track can even loosen over time, which could create a very dangerous condition. Luckily, rails are easy to fix, and something we are very experienced in.
  • Replacing broken cables. The cables of your garage door help it to open or close, so when they’re broken, you may be prevented from automatically opening or shutting the door. If cables snap, your door will refuse to move on its own.


In addition to the long list of repairs, we also provide garage door maintenance and replacement services as well.

Why Work with Affordable Garage Door, Inc.

When your garage door is broken, you have a long list of companies in Northwest Indiana to choose from to call for garage door repairs. So why should you call the team at Affordable Garage Door, Inc.?

One of the things that we believe sets our company apart is our commitment to customer service. We prioritize the customer experience, and have received positive feedback from our clients about our work and the experience of working with us time and time again.

Another reason that we hope that you will choose us for your Northwest Indiana garage repair is that we are more experienced than most garage door companies in the state. In fact, we have been repairing garage doors in Northwest Indiana for more than three decades, meaning that whatever garage door problem you’re experiencing, not only have we seen it before, but we’ve fixed it, too.

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