Schererville Garage Door Service

Schererville Garage Door Service

Your garage has many different purposes: it's a convenient place to store all sorts of things -- from your car to your cross-country skis --, a home for your workbench and even a potential destination for your weekend hangout. Whatever you use your garage for, you will want easy access to this versatile space, and that means a working garage door! Spring, rails, wheels and panels all break from time to time, meaning your garage door won't open properly, and you won't be able to get full use from your door.  At Affordable Garage Door Inc., we offer excellent maintenance, as well as a huge assortment of beautiful new doors we're happy to install! Whether you need your door repaired by a team of experts, or you want a beautiful new door put on, we're the team for the job! Reach out today!

Our Garage Door Repairs 

Garage doors are a deceptively complex part of your home. Though they may look like a large, simple door, their heft and size require a series of finely-tuned mechanisms to help them open easily whenever you need. Any one of these mechanisms can break or malfunction, immediately turning your garage door into a heavy barrier stopping you from using your garage. Luckily for you, our garage door experts have decades of Schererville garage door service experience, making us the perfect crew for repairing your door. When it comes to your broken garage door, we can help you with all of the following, and so much more!

When your garage door breaks, one of these issues is usually the culprit. And even though we are professional garage door repairmen, we are also advocates of the “prevention is better than cure” school. With a bit of maintenance, you can help make sure your door avoids everything from a broken opener to squeaky wheels. 

New Doors

In some cases, even our experienced Schererville garage door service can’t help repair your door. When this happens, or when you’re ready to give your home a new look, scoping out some of our beautiful and efficient garage doors is the next best thing! At Affordable Garage Door Inc., we carry many different brands, including all of the following: 

  • Canyon Ridge Collection
  • Reserve Collection
  • Avante Collection
  • Classic Wood Collection
  • Value Plus Series
  • Modern Steel Collection

And many more! Our doors range from elegant hand-crafted wood panels to sturdy, efficient and attractive doors perfect for thrifty households. Whether you need a new door or you’re looking for affordable and effective Schererville garage door service, get in touch with us today!

Contact Affordable Garage Door Inc.

To speak with the region’s premier provider of garage door repairs and replacement, reach out to us at our Northwest Indiana office. Not only do we provide excellent garage door service, but we also carry a sizeable range of different doors which we are happy to order and install for you! Whichever you are seeking — repair or replacement — we’ve got you covered! Just give us a call today, or leave your contact information on our website and we’ll get back to you in short order. 



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