Valparaiso Garage Door Won’t Close

Valaparaiso Garage Door Won’t Close

A garage door that refuses to close can be a huge hassle. Whether your garage door fails to respond entirely when you indicate that it should close, or simply will not close all of the way, you may need a professional to come out to assess and correct the problem. At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., our garage door professionals are ready to help you if your garage door won’t close in Valaparaiso. We have decades of experience correcting garage door issues, and are confident in our ability to provide you with the quick remedy you are looking for.

Why Isn’t My Garage Door Closing?

Before you get frustrated with your garage door and lose your temper, keep in mind that there is probably a very rational and fixable reason why your garage door is refusing to close. Reasons that your garage door may not be cooperating include:

  • Problems with the garage door sensor. Your garage door has an automatic reversal system in place, controlled by a photo eye sensor, that prevents the garage door from closing if something is blocking its path. This is a critical safety feature that helps to prevent injuries and garage door damage. However, if your garage door isn’t closing, it could be because there’s an issue with the sensor. Common problems include something blocking the garage door (which is very easily remedied!), or a photo eye misalignment, or problem with the photocell wiring. If you’ve cleared any objects in front of the sensor and it still won’t close, a photo eye issue may be to blame.
  • Issue with the garage door remote. The easiest garage door problems to fix are those that stem from an issue with a garage door openers. If your garage door won’t close in Valparaiso, the batteries in your garage door remote may be dead, or you may be out of range. Try to get closer to your garage door and try again – does it close? If not, push the button inside your garage (rather than using your wireless remote) – any luck?
  • Mechanical issues with the garage door. If neither of the two issues above are to blame for the fact that your garage door won’t close, the problem may be a mechanical issue with the garage door. Common working parts that break or malfunction on the garage door include springs and cables, as well as tracks and rollers. You may have a misalignment, a broken cable or pulley system, or a snapped spring. These issues are harder to fix and certainly require the help of a professional, but can be repaired in a day.

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