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Garage Door Repair Services We Offer

We offer the full range of garage door repair services for homeowners living in Wheatfield – there is nothing that we can’t fix! We start with a full assessment of your garage door; once we identify the problem, we get to work on repairing it immediately. Our garage door repair services include, but are not limited to:

  • Garage door panels. If your panels of your garage door are cracked or damaged, you should seek repairs sooner rather than later. Over time, cracks and dents can become worse, affect a garage door’s stability and balance, and even cause a rise in your energy bills due to impaired insulation.
  • Garage door openers. Nothing is more frustrating that a garage door that won’t open and close when you need it to. Many times, this is simply the result of a dead garage door opener. Luckily, we have a number of state-of-the-art garage door openers for you to choose from, or we can repair your old one if that’s your preference.
  • Garage door springs. With time, garage door springs break down, rendering a garage door ineffective. Garage door springs are a critical part of your garage door’s operation, and repairing them sooner than later is important. However, unless you are trained in garage door repairs, you should never attempt to repair garage door springs on your own. Garage door spring repair is very dangerous, and can result in serious injuries when not performed by a professional.
  • Garage door tracks. When a garage door’s tracks – or rails – are faulty, the garage door will not glide smoothly up and down, which could be problematic, leading to the garage door getting stuck, or even crashing without warning. We can replace, repair, and maintain garage door tracks for optimal performance.
  • Automatic garage door reversal systems. You probably know that your garage door is equipped with sensors that, if something is in the way of the garage door’s path when closing, will send the garage door back up. All garage doors manufactured today have these sensors, and for an important reason: automatic garage door reversal systems can save lives and prevent serious property damage. If your sensors are not working, do not wait until it is too late – call our team today for fast repairs.

In some cases, just repairing a part of the garage door isn’t enough; more serious action may be necessary. If your garage door is particularly old and on its last leg, we can recommend some great options for garage door replacement and new garage door installation.

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When a garage door is in need of repairs, we are the team that you should call. We not only have the experience and knowledge to perform garage door repairs competently and accurately, but we also care about your experience, and prioritize customer service. We have been in business in Wheatfield and surrounding areas for more than 30 years, and know what it takes to run an effective company that customers trust.

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