Wheeler Garage Door Installation

Wheeler Garage Door Installation

You shouldn't be surprised by the "For Sale" signs lining your block. Maybe you, too, have hopes of selling your home this year but are intimidated by the competitive market. After all, how can you hope to stand out among all the other houses potential buyers are viewing? Ever consider replacing your garage door? At Affordable Garage Door Inc. we provide the highest-quality and most affordable Wheeler garage door installation. Whether you would like to put a set of beautiful, handcrafted wood panels on your door, or you are interested in a more functional --- yet still attractive -- option, we can help! Reach out today, whether you are hoping to boost your home's curb appeal, or get your door working again.

Improve Your Home’s Beauty

The garage door is a highly-underrated area of your home. With a few tasteful touches, you can draw the eyes of potential homebuyers from miles around. After all, think about what the average person sees when they are walking down your block. They will see the front of your house, your front door, and, of course, your garage (assuming it is facing forward). Of these three features, only your two doors have any real option for customization. True, you can paint your siding, or install some flair to the edge of your roof, but the most eye-catching features, especially from a distance, will be your doors. And while customizing your front door with ornamental windows, a hanging light or a nice knocker can go a long way, it is still smaller and less-visible than your garage door. As far as highly customizable features greeting wandering eyes, your garage door is the best option by far! But is there really all that much you can do with a boring old garage door? Well, yes!

Our Beautiful Doors

At Affordable Garage Door, you’ll find a vast array of different doors at your disposal. From the high-end, handcrafted and customizable wooden beauties to sturdy, attractive steel doors, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few of our featured collections:

  • Canyon Ridge Collection
  • Avante Collection
  • Reserve Collection
  • Modern Steel Collection
  • Value Plus steel doors

Whether any of these fit your style or not, we are happy to discuss our other varieties, colors and customizable options. Our garage doors are veritable game-changers, particularly for anyone who has never experienced the transformation of a new door themselves. Buyers from all over town will be blown away by your new look!

Speak to Our Wheeler Garage Door Installation Experts!

So you’ve decided to get your door replaced, but you don’t want to do the job by yourself! Garage doors are heavy and can be dangerous to install without enough experience or manpower. Without an expert hand, your new door could end up broken, or could even hurt someone! At Affordable Garage Door Inc. we have decades of experience at our disposal — as well as the beautiful doors that will draw homebuyers like moths to a light.

To get in contact with our expert Wheeler garage door installation team, contact us today! You can reach out on our webpage, leaving a note that describes the services you need. You can also call us or stop into our Northwest Indiana location. Get in touch today!



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