Energy Series with Intellicore®

Dyer Commercial Garage Door Installation

Climate control, reliability, durability -- our premier, thermally broken, polyurethane insulated steel garage doors have it all, providing excellent temperature control, energy efficiency, and long-lasting service for a wide range of applications, such as firehouses, warehouses, and municipal buildings.

Scroll through the images to see some of the styles offered for Energy Series with Intellicore® or click on the image of the brochure to learn more about the features.

Intellicore doors come with a variety of options to address your building requirements. Options below are not available on all models. See model- specific literature, or consult your technician for option availability.


Model Section Thickness Emboss Ext. Steel Gauge Pattern R-value* Max Width** Max Height
3717 1 3/4″ Stucco 27 Gauge Minor Ribbed 16.2 24’2″ 20’0″
3718 1 3/4″ Stucco 27 Gauge Flush 16.2 24’2″ 20’0″
3720 2″ Stucco 27 Gauge Minor Ribbed 18.4 40’2″ 20’0″
3721 2″ Woodgrain 27 Gauge Flush 18.4 24’2″ 18’0″
3723 2″ Woodgrain 27 Gauge Raised Panel 18.4 24’2″ 18’0″

*Calculated door section R-value is in accordance with DASMA TDS-163


Insulated and Non-insulated doors come with a variety of options to address your building requirements. Options below are not available on all models. See model specific literature or consult a Clopay commercial dealer for option availability.


  • Windows
  • 24″x8″
  • 24″x12″
  • Full View (pre-painted white or brown or clear anodized)
  • Black frame Window with Rounded Corners


  • White – All Models
  • Glacier White – 3715, 3717, 3718, 3720
  • Trinar® White – 3715, 3717, 3718, 3720
  • Trinar® Beige – 3717, 3718, 3720
  • Brown – All Models
  • Mocha Brown – 3715, 3717, 3718, 3720
  • Black – 3724
  • Tan – 3715, 3717, 3718, 3724
  • Gray – 3715, 3717, 3718, 3724
  • ColorBlast – All models


  • High Cycle Springs (25K, 50K and 100K available)
  • 3″ heavy duty track (where not standard)
  • Outside keyed Security Lock
  • Double End Stiles
  • Design pressure rated (WindCode)
  • Impact Rated
  • Photo eyes, sensing edges and Operators
  • Extended 5-Year Hardware Warranty
  • Header (top) and Jamb Seals
  • High Performance Hardware Upgrade


  • Mullions
  • Breakaway Sections
  • Pass Door



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