Common Garage Door Issues in the Winter

Posted on: November 12, 2022
Common Garage Door Issues in the Winter

Common Garage Door Issues in the Winter

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your home’s garage door! The pounding snow, brutal wind and below-freezing temperatures are not your garage door’s friends. They all can take a toll and cause issues and possible problems throughout the colder months.

Here are some common problems that can occur during the wintertime:

Damaged panels: Depending on what type of material your garage door is, you may face problems with warping or cracks during the cold season. Hail or strong winds can also cause problems to your garage door’s panels. Wood panels can be scratched or become dented.

Cold lubricant: Your garage door’s rails will become gunked up if the lubricant freezes or hardens up due to the colder temperatures. The lubricant is needed to help your door run properly along the rails. You can look for lubricant that can hold up to the cold.

Sticky situation: The freezing temperatures can cause your garage door’s panels to freeze up and that will cause your door to be stuck open or closed. Freezing rain or hail prompts this problem. If you know that they are frozen, you can try to thaw them out with a heat source.

Worn-out weatherstripping: Cold air can also cause the weatherstripping around your door to stiffen up and possibly crack. The lack of an airtight seal around your door can create a draft as well as allow rain or snow to enter into your garage. Weatherstripping also serves as a protective barrier to your door’s moving parts.

Stuck to the ground: If you hit your garage door opener button and you hear sounds, but your door is not budging, it may be stuck to the ground. If the sun melts snow during the day, it collects around the bottom of your door, then freezes up at night, this can cause your garage door to be frozen against the ground. 

Stuck springs: Your garage door’s springs are essential to it functioning correctly. They help create the right amount of tension to open and close your door. If they become rigid and crack, your door will not move or become stuck open or closed. This can create a dangerous situation that should be addressed by professionals that know how to work on garage doors. Our Affordable Garage Door team is trained for repairs and inspections. 

Blocked safety sensors: When snow and ice melt and freeze due to temperature fluctuations, it can cause condensation on your safety sensors. This can create a problem as your door will not understand that there is an obstacle obstructing the door. Keep an eye on your door’s sensors throughout the season.

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