Most Common Garage Door Problems – How Will You Handle Them?

Posted on: May 23, 2017
Most Common Garage Door Problems – How Will You Handle Them?

Most Common Garage Door Problems – How Will You Handle Them?

When your garage door isn’t working as it should or is making a strange noise, there are a number of things that could be wrong. At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., we offer professional garage door assessments and garage door repairs that provide you with peace of mind. When your garage door is on the fritz, don’t make the mistake of trying to solve the problem yourself. Instead, give our professional team a call today for a free quote!

Most Common Garage Door Problems

When it comes to garage door problems, we have seen and fixed it all. Some of the most common garage door problems that our professionals see include:

  • Misaligned photo eyes. You probably know that when something is in the path of your garage door, it won’t close, but instead reverses in order to prevent an accident or damage. If your garage door keeps going down only to reopen before it closes completely, and you can’t see anything in the way of the garage door’s path, the problem may be misaligned photo eyes. Photo eyes are sensors that register whether or not anything is blocking the garage door from closing, but over time they can become very dirty (making detecting objects very difficult) and misaligned. We can clean and realign photo eyes to get things on the move again.
  • Defective transmitters. Your automatic garage door opener works by transmitting a signal to your garage door. If something is defective with the transmitter, the signal won’t go through, and you won’t be able to open your garage door. If your door is difficult to open even when you are standing right in front of it, a defective transmitter may be to blame.
  • Broken springs. Springs are responsible for moving the garage door up and down. If you hear a loud crash and the garage door won’t open, broken springs may be the problem. You should never try to repair broken springs on your own, as doing so has the potential to be very dangerous. Instead, let our experienced professionals help you diagnose and correct broken springs.

How to Handle Common Garage Door Problems

The above problems are just some of the most common ones we see. Misaligned tracks, dead transmitter batteries, sticky doors, and rusted moving parts are also common. No matter how big or how small the garage door issue, our service professionals hope that you will call us for garage door repairs. We always provide you with a free quote before we start a job, and guarantee superior work. We keep our prices affordable so that you never have to wonder if you could have gotten a better deal somewhere else.

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