Does a New Garage Door Add Value to My Home?

Posted on: April 04, 2023
Does a New Garage Door Add Value to My Home?

Does a New Garage Door Add Value to My Home?

When you are looking to add value to your home, a new garage door is a great way to make an impact on the look, style and more. Having a new garage door put into place can be a real Return on Investment. Our team at Affordable Garage Door has delved into some of the ways that a new garage door will add value.

  1. Looking Good: The top value that you will see is the boost in your home’s curb appeal. While you may not think your older or out-of-style door brings down your home’s look, you will see what a difference it makes once there is something new in place. There is surely a garage door design that will work with your home’s overall style – whether your home is modern or classic. As a Clopay Master Authorized dealer, we have a range of designs and materials to choose from.
  2. More efficiency: Even if your garage is not a hang-out place, having a more energy-efficient garage door can impact the comfort of inside your home. With today’s technology and innovations, there are many more energy-efficient models to select from to help you keep the cold or warm out and weather elements at bay. Insulation and higher-quality materials keep your garage better insulated.
  3. Boost in Security: A new garage door can also be a better layer of protection against any possible break-ins. The latest technology and garage door openers can also help with additional security and safety for your family.
  4. Boost in Safety: The newer garage doors have additional safety features that are a boost from the older models. Your older garage door can have older components that are getting worn out and could break and cause damage. Safety technology is a standard component of the latest generation of garage doors.
  5. Working properly: A new garage door also adds value by relieving your mind of stress and anxiety. A reliable garage door will work when it is supposed to and will not add costly repair bills to your family’s budget. 

Our Team is Ready to Help

We are available for guidance on your garage door decisions. You can select from different types of panels and windows to help you customize your door specifically to your home. Our experience is rooted in our years in the industry since 1998. We are honored to serve our residential and commercial clients throughout the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland communities. Beyond installing a new door, we can help you maintain or repair issues that surface, such as bent rails or broken springs. We also carry and install garage door openers that can add even more value to your home. There are smart wi-fi connected openers, quiet operating ones and those that take up less space. Let us know how we can help through our online contact form.

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