Fight The Dirt, Stains And Critters That Garages Collect

Posted on: September 24, 2018
Fight The Dirt, Stains And Critters That Garages Collect

Fight The Dirt, Stains And Critters That Garages Collect

The garage is one of the most multi-functioning spots in your home. It protects your cars, stores your outdoor stuff and houses the outdoor fridge with all of your treats. With so many uses, it’s no wonder the surfaces get so dirty and grimy!

Stop neglecting this space and take a moment to clean it from top to bottom.

  • New oil stains: Did your do-it-yourselfer spill motor oil while working on the car? If so, remove as much as quickly as possible. Cat litter will help soak up the spill if applied immediately. To tackle the additional residue left behind, use dishwashing liquid and a little water along with some elbow grease and a scrub brush to create suds. After the suds have soaked for about 10 minutes, use a strong water stream to rinse the spot.
  • Old oil stains: If it’s been awhile since the spill, try scrubbing with a dishwashing detergent-water solution, but a specially formulated cleaner for grease and oil may be needed. Kerosene and lacquer thinner are not recommended due to being flammable.
  • Entryway stress-free zone: The door from your garage to your house can be a dumping zone and become a mess fast. Hang hooks right outside the door on the garage wall for an easy place to put coats or backpacks. Consider adding a shoe rack for not as commonly worn footwear such as flip-flops and winter boots. A sturdy rug placed in front of the doorway can help catch dirt, mud or grass before you enter your home. Just make sure to shake it out once a month.
  • A routine habit: Schedule a garage cleaning as part of your house cleaning schedule, if you don’t already do so. Shifting your mindset may be needed to make garage cleaning part of your plan. Keeping a specific set of cleaners out in the garage in plain sight can help enforce the habit.
  • Keep bugs at bay: Plants should be planted at least two feet away from your house, so ants don’t have a close track to your indoor space. Also, stinging insect traps are no-good as they actually attract the pesky stinging insects to your home. Make sure your window screens are hole-free and gutters are clean to cut back on water sources for bugs.
  • Make sure critters stay out: Mice can invade your garage space by squeezing through the smallest of crevices. They can leave droppings, make nests in your cars’ engines and chew through garbage bags making a dirty mess. A proper fitting and operating garage door will help keep rodents out. At Affordable Garage Door Inc., our technicians have received the proper training to figure out your problem and pinpoint the best way to fix it.

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