Is Your Garage Door Insulated?

Posted on: November 13, 2018
Is Your Garage Door Insulated?

Is Your Garage Door Insulated?

When you bought or built your home, you probably did not spend too much time thinking about the garage. Garages do not have the same building codes as the interior of the house, because a garage is not considered living space. Therefore, there is a pretty good chance that your garage may not be insulated, and the construction may not be as stellar as the interior of your home. You can make your garage more energy efficient with an insulated garage door.

Why invest in an insulated garage door? We have been selling and servicing garage doors for over 30 years at Affordable Garage Door and know the benefits of an insulated garage door. For starters, an insulated garage door will keep the air in the garage warmer, and this, in turn, keeps your house warmer. The insulated garage door will not let as much cold air in the garage, and then the cold air does not get in the house. It will reduce your heating bill and will make you more comfortable in the winter months.

How Can I Tell If My Garage Door Is Insulated?

It is easy to determine if your garage door is insulated. First, take a look at the inside of the door, and if you see what looks like a blanket of white styrofoam between the silver bars the hinges are attached to, then you have an insulated door. Another way to determine if your garage door is insulated is if you can see the panel design from inside and outside the garage, the door is not insulated. If there were insulation, then you would only be able to see the panel design from the outside.

We can help you find an insulated garage door at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. As a Clopay Master Authorized Dealer, we have a large selection of insulated garage doors, and we are certain you will find one that fits the bill.

The Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

There are many benefits to adding an insulated garage door to your Northwest Indiana home. A few of them are as follows:

  • Increased warmth to households due to improved thermal boundaries.
  • Increased warmth in the garage. An insulated garage door is airtight, which prevents the air from being able to slip between the panels and make your garage cold on winter days.
  • Reduced noise in the garage. The polyurethane foam board in the garage door serves as a natural noise barrier.

Affordable Garage Door, Inc. Can Help You With an Insulated Garage Door

Affordable Garage Door, Inc. professional staff can help you find an insulated garage door from Clopay. Now is the perfect time to install an insulated garage door. You can reach us online, or call us at 219-696-4279 or stop by our showroom anytime during business hours.

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