Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Posted on: May 06, 2022
Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Keeping your garage door safe, secure and at its best should be part of your home maintenance routine. Take time to go through this checklist at least once a year.

Take a listen: You may think that you hear your garage door operating, but you are typically inside your vehicle or out in your driveway. Stand inside and outside your garage and listen to it open and close. If you hear any loud or out-of-place squeaking, grinding or scraping sounds, then there may be something going on with your door.

Emergency system: Your door has an emergency reversal system for safety reasons. Take time to put something large in the path of the door and close it to make sure that it reverses back up properly. You want to be ahead of any problems with your reversal system to keep your family safe.

Keep things smooth: The movement of your door day after day causes lots of friction among its moving parts. Using lubricant can help keep the door’s moving parts operating as they should.

Stay in balance: A balanced garage door is important. You can check if your door is balanced by opening it manually halfway. If it does not remain in place, you need to reach out to a professional to inspect your springs as they probably need to be fixed. 

Weatherstripping: Your garage door connects to your home and needs to be sealed to help stop leaks of warm or cold air. Examine your door’s weatherstripping for cracks, tears and wear and replace it as needed. New weatherstripping can also keep debris and dirt out of your garage and home.

Overall damage: Weather and use can really take a toll on your home’s garage door. Issues to look for include: warping, water damage, chipped or peeling paint and rust on steel doors or cracks on wood doors. While some of these issues may be repaired, sometimes it is best to install a whole new garage door.

Keep bolts tight: The vibration from movement of your garage door opening and closing can cause your door’s brackets and bolts to loosen. Check them out regularly and tighten as needed.

Keep it clean: Depending on your door’s material, it can collect dirt and debris and really look dull. Take time to wash your door with the proper products as seasons change for a fresh look.

Check with an expert: If you are worried about any component of your door, it is better to be safe than sorry by contacting a professional. 

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