Garage Door Safety Features that Help Keep Your Family Safe

Posted on: September 06, 2022
Garage Door Safety Features that Help Keep Your Family Safe

Garage Door Safety Features that Help Keep Your Family Safe

Garage door safety has come a long way over the years! With technology and advancements, garage doors are safer than ever when your family and dogs are hanging out outside. These innovations have been added as a garage door has many components and is extremely heavy and can be dangerous.

Check out these safety aspects that keep your garage door in place and where you want it to be:

Reverse when needed: An automatic reverse function will prevent your door from continuing to close if there is an object, person or pet in the way. Sensors will trigger your garage door to stop closing and begin rolling into the fully open position. You can verify that this function is properly working by placing a block of wood within the area of your garage door and closing it. Your door should sense the object and reverse its operation. If your door is not reversing properly, it should be inspected immediately by our experts here at Affordable Garage Door. A garage door that isn’t working properly is dangerous. Our team has the expertise to go over any repairs that may be needed or advice on installing a new garage door and garage door opener.

Motion sensors: Detectors on either side of your garage door are also vital to keeping everyone safe. They will help detect if a pet or child is trying to dart under the door while it is opening or closing and react accordingly. Motion sensors should be placed at a point where they will work but not be triggered by debris.

Panel pinch: Modern garage doors have pinch-resistant panels so that your toddler does not get his or her finger in the way of moving panels. The gap between older garage door panels could be the source of a pinched finger. 

Innovative openers: Garage door openers have also come a long way over the years. There are many types of models that can lift a lot of weight with higher horsepower, that are quiet or save space. Some openers have standby power so that your garage door will continue to work even if there is a power outage at your home.

Professionals Understand Garage Door Safety

If you need any type of help with your garage door, it is always best to contact the experts who know how to handle the components and pieces of a cumbersome door. Working on your own garage door can be dangerous, especially if it is not working properly. A compromised garage door can also be a weak point in the security of your home’s perimeter. We can help repair broken panels, non-working openers, broken springs and more issues that can occur. Our team is available to review your current garage door and offer advice. Reach out to us through our online contact form.

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