Garage Door Safety Tips

Posted on: October 06, 2022
Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage Door Safety Tips

Depending on the material that your garage door is made of, it can weigh anywhere from 130 pounds to 350 pounds! Your garage door is a very heavy, movable piece, and it should be respected as an important but potentially dangerous part of your home. It is always a good idea to refresh your kids and teens on how to stay safe around your garage door. 

Keep these tips in mind as a homeowner when it comes to your garage door.

Limit access: Your garage door is not a toy or plaything. Make sure that your kids understand that they should not play with your garage door opener on the wall or in your car on your visor. 

Be ready: If there is an emergency or power outage, make sure that you know how to operate your door in this situation. You and your older family members should all be aware of the emergency door release.

Know the rules: Even with built-in safety features, impart on your young children to not run under a garage door when it is moving or play around it when it is opening and closing.

Inspect your parts: For maintenance purposes, you should take the time to really look at your garage door’s springs, rails, opener and more to ensure that there are no concerns. If something does not look right or your garage door has been making strange and unusual noises, reach out to our experts at Affordable Garage Door immediately for a review.

Safety check: Your garage door’s auto-reverse is a vital function if something or someone is around it when it is opening and closing. Make sure it is working by testing the function by putting something in the path of the door and hitting the opener to have it close. It should stop and reverse if it is in proper working order.

Open or closed: Do not leave your garage door partially open. It is a security and safety risk to have a space left open even if you are at home. 

Code changeup: It is a good idea to update your garage door’s numeric code, especially if you have had to share it with an acquaintance or visitor. You want to keep your code updated to avoid security breaches.

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