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Have a Garage Door That Won’t Close in Northwest IN?

Having a fully-functioning garage door is an important part of any home in St. John, IN. Everyone uses his or her garage for different things. Some people store all kinds of things in their garages, while others turn them into shops or other types of work areas. Other people actually use them to park their vehicles in. Whatever you end up using your garage for, we all want our garage doors to function properly. No one enjoys a broken garage door.

Residential Garage Door Repair

There are many reasons that your garage door can stop working properly. From bad springs to panels that are out of alignment, the reasons are endless. However, no matter what the reason, at Affordable Garage Door Inc. we can fix your problem and get your door opening and shutting again. If your door isn’t closing properly, then you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Many people store a lot of valuables in their garages, which means those items could be in danger of being stolen if you can’t get your garage door to completely shut. If you are experiencing an issue with a garage door that won’t shut, please contact us today for help.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

At Affordable Garage Door Inc., we also service commercial garage doors in St. John, IN. Just like residential garage doors, if you have a commercial garage door that won’t shut, it could be a serious situation. Not only will your business be in jeopardy, but in some instances it can also be a safety hazard for employees. Garage doors can stop shutting properly for many reasons, and sometimes people are tempted to try to figure out the problem by themselves. However, working with garage doors can be dangerous, which is why you should leave these kinds of repairs to the experts.

Experienced Garage Door Repair Technicians

Repairing a garage door takes  proper training and expertise. Our technicians will assess the problem carefully and then determine the best and safest way to fix it. That means you will get fast, reliable service that you can count on. We also offer all of our services at affordable and competitive prices. That means you won’t feel like you have been taken to the cleaners when the bill comes. We even offer up-front free estimates so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for before the job is started.

We’re Not Satisfied Unless You’re Satisfied

At Affordable Garage Door Inc., we want to earn your trust so we can serve you now and in the future. We make sure that we do every job right the first time and that you are satisfied with our work. In fact, your satisfaction is our number one goal for every job we do. We are honest and we also are affordable. You will always get an upfront estimate that includes every aspect of the job. That means we won’t hit you with surprise, hidden fees after the job is done. If you have a garage door that just won’t shut right, or if you need any other type of repair or service with your garage door,  please contact Affordable Garage Door Inc. at 219-696-4279, toll free at 800-584-5845, or connect with us online by clicking here.



Garage Door Repair

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We install garage doors, both for new construction and to replace old doors. With Affordable Garage Door, Inc. you will always know what you’re getting for your money.


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