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The Benefits of Pole Barn Garage Doors

Pole barn garage doors make accessing the contents of your pole barn, and moving equipment in and out of your pole barn, much easier. Some benefits of new pole barn garage door installation include:

Types of Pole Barn Garage Doors


pole barn that was installed by a kouts pole barn garage installation There are multiple types of pole barn garage doors, materials, styles, colors, and more to choose from. The pole barn garage door that you choose will depend upon your needs, budget, and preferences. The pole barn door options include —

  • Sliding garage doors. Sliding garage doors open to the side rather than overhead, providing a great option when overhead space is limited.
  • Overhead doors. Overhead doors are the most the most common type of pole barn door, and are our speciality! This type of door is similar to your standard garage door, and can be custom built to be higher and wider to allow large pieces of equipment to pass.
  • Hydraulic and bifold garage doors. Hydraulic and bifold doors both look like traditional garage doors from the outside, but instead of rolling back into the inside like a regular garage door does, a hydraulic door opens up and out, and a bifold garage door hinge at the top and the middle, and fold up as they open. These types of doors are used for hanger openings, and can sometimes be seen in large pole barns.


We Handle All of Your Pole Barn Garage Door Needs

pole barn installed by a pole barn door installation company cedar lakeAt Affordable Garage Door, Inc., our experienced service professionals handle all of your pole barn garage door needs. This means that we will not only measure your pole barn garage door and help you pick a garage door that is right for you, but will will also install all necessary garage door parts, including tracks and rollers if they are not already in place. We can also provide you with regular pole barn garage door maintenance, and are available for repairs whenever you need them.

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