Garage Door Trends to Watch in The New Decade

Posted on: March 24, 2020
Garage Door Trends to Watch in The New Decade

Garage Door Trends to Watch in The New Decade

Trends are constantly evolving with the times. While some things change, some ideas remain in place. As the decade begins, check out what is hot, not and trending when it comes to garage door styles, technology, and uses.

What is Still Trending

Eye-Catching Colors: Garage doors are moving away from white and tan and embracing bold colors in natural tones. Homeowners are looking to their garage door to make a statement that adds to their overall home’s style in a new way. Unexpected color can make your door a design element and help your home stand out as a trendsetter on your block. Our garage door offerings include a variety of colors, including Slate Finish, a dark gray, in the Canyon Ridge Collection Modern Series.

Panel Designs: Today’s doors do not just feature the basics in panel design. You can truly customize your door to be just your own. Our offering, Clopay, has a series of styles that allow you to select recessed or raised panels among other options. Decorative hardware also brings in a touch of uniqueness.

Eco-ideas: Planet-friendly and energy-saving products and services are at the forefront of our culture today. Garage doors can be more green by choosing an insulated option or upgrading your leaky door. Insulation can help maintain the right temperature for the season not only in your garage but also in your home as well. Wood remains a great eco-friendly choice.

What is Now Hot

Letting in Light: Having windows on your garage door can transform your space. Natural night livens up your door’s interior and can encourage you to create your space to more than just a place to park. Windows look great from the outside as well, and glass options can include clear, frosted, seeded, and insulated.

Technology upgrade: Smart living and connecting our homes to tech is moving into our garages. Garage door openers are smarter than ever while still doing their main job efficiently and quietly. Our LiftMaster drive system has a soft start and slow stop and WiFi capabilities, so you can control your door from anywhere.

What is Still Moving Out

One-Use Space: Homeowners are still pushing away from garages as a single-use space, and they are embracing the notion of seeing them as more square footage. Shifting this notion can start with analyzing your current garage set-up. By moving unused items out and reorganizing storage, you can open up areas for hanging out, exercising, or gaming. 

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