Why a Garage Door Becomes Unbalanced

Posted on: April 24, 2018
Why a Garage Door Becomes Unbalanced

Why a Garage Door Becomes Unbalanced

Over the course of your garage door’s existence, it will likely encounter a number of different issues. For example, you’ll probably need to replace the springs at least a couple of times, lubricate moving parts on an annual basis, and you may even need to replace damaged garage door panels, amongst other things. One of the most common issues that homeowners in Illinois and Indiana often encounter is the issue of a garage door becoming unbalanced, or even coming off its tracks. Here’s a look into common reasons why a garage door becomes unbalanced or unhinged:

You Run Into the Garage Door

Perhaps the most common reason for a garage door becoming unbalanced or coming off its tracks is when a homeowner accidentally backs into a garage door, or hits the garage door with the front of their vehicle. This is common in situations when the driver assumes the garage door has opened and begins to reverse, without double checking for a clear pathway first. Running into a garage door is almost surely going to cause a little damage, and in addition to door imbalance, you may also have to worry about a dented garage door as well.

Broken Rollers

Another thing that can cause a garage door’s lack of balance, or the garage door coming off of its tracks, are broken rollers. Like other garage door malfunctions, broken rollers are pretty common over the years, and it’s not unlikely that you’ll have to replace them at some point. Rollers are more likely to break when they get a lot of use, or when they are of low quality.

Broken Lift Cables

The cables of your garage door help to open the garage door, and support the garage door’s weight. While broken cables aren’t common, it is possible for one to snap without warning when a garage door is particularly old or hasn’t been treated with much garage door maintenance over the years. If one cable breaks, the garage door will shift, and the other cable will be responsible for weight bearing.

How to Prevent Garage Door Balance Issues

When a garage door lacks balance, it may have trouble opening or closing, and could even be dangerous. The easiest way to prevent a balance issue is to ensure that your garage door is regularly maintained, and that garage door repair is invested in when parts are old and on the out.

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