Garage Door Winter Dangers and How to Avoid Them

Posted on: January 19, 2016
Garage Door Winter Dangers and How to Avoid Them

Garage Door Winter Dangers and How to Avoid Them

The good news is is that while winter may present some complications and dangers for your garage door, most of these problems are entirely preventable, if not fixable. Here are some tips for preventing and remedying cold weather garage door dangers:

Garage Door Inspection

If it has been a while since you, or a garage door professional, thoroughly inspected your garage door, do not wait any longer. Take a look at all parts of your garage door, including:

  • Garage door façade and interior;
  • Garage door springs;
  • Garage door rollers;
  • Garage door screws; and
  • Garage door automatic reversal system.

If your garage seems to be sticking or is off-balance when opening and closing, if you notice and dents or cracks in the garage door, or if screws seem loose, the next step is garage door maintenance and repair.

Garage Door Maintenance

After thoroughly inspecting your garage door, take notes about what parts of your garage door need a little TLC. You should lubricate your garage door rollers and all other moving parts. Choose a lubricant that is silicone-based. While you should lubricate all moving parts well, do not over-lubricate; doing so can lead to gunk buildup and stickiness.

In addition to lubricating your garage door, make sure your batteries in your garage door opener are working well, and replace them if necessary. Then, check your weatherstripping and replace it if necessary – dated weatherstripping can result in cracks, which allow for moisture to enter the garage, leading to freezing. Finally, double-check your garage door and correct any noticeable problems, like dents or cracks. Then, give your garage door a good wash. Garage door maintenance is a very important part of making sure your garage door is safe and operating efficiently.

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