Take Your Garage to A New Level

Posted on: October 22, 2019
Take Your Garage to A New Level

Take Your Garage to A New Level

When planning home remodeling projects, bathrooms and kitchens are at the top of the list. They are said to have the most impact and bang for your buck. But do not forget about a useful and essential space that can have a style of its own: your garage. Whether doing a whole makeover or just tweaking some areas, freshening up this space will elevate your home and daily life even more.

Take a look below: Typical garage floors are dirty and take a lot of abuse. You can extend your living space or at least liven up your look by redoing your garage’s floor. Rubber flooring is a smart option that is water-resistant but does need texture to prevent a slippery factor. An epoxy coating can be customized with colors and flakes.

Take a look around: The clutter can take over a garage constantly, and since it is not a place you typically hang out for long periods of time, you may not even see it anymore! Really look around your garage and see if you can boost your storage options while adding some style too. Cabinets can help close off necessary items, such as sports equipment and tools. A storage system on your walls can keep everything in its place while still looking good.

Take some time to think: You may be underusing your garage space. If you have wanted a craft spot, maybe you can make this happen by reworking your space and areas. A home gym may be right at home in your garage as well with the proper organization and planning.

Take a look up: The light from your garage door system is not going to be enough if you are adding a whole new purpose to your garage space. Maybe the addition of can lighting can help you use your space even more.

Take another look: Luxury and garages usually do not go hand in hand. But if you are turning part of your space into a new spot, adding a touch of luxury will go a long way. If you have a hangout space slated for the corner, add a nice fridge or set of speakers to top off your new design.

New Garage Door is the Final Touch

At Affordable Garage Door Inc., we work with an industry-leading brand, Clopay, which has a range of styles to choose from. From traditional to contemporary, there is something for everyone. Carriage house styles feature a traditional feel while contemporary styles spotlight what is contemporary and modern today. We have wood and steel selections that will help you brighten up your property.

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