Garage Screens Open Up the Door To Space Possibilities

Posted on: March 10, 2020

Garage Screens Open Up the Door To Space Possibilities

Perks Abound After Screen Installation

Bugs Be Gone: Pulling down your garage screen is like adding a screened-in porch during the warmer seasons. You will be able to keep bugs out while letting warm breezes, sunshine, and natural elements in. There is no need for bug spray or citronella candles while enjoying your insect-free space.

Cleaner Space: While not an impervious barrier, a screen for your garage is just like your window screens. They can really help cut back on debris settling into your garage space, especially larger pieces such as leaves and sticks.

More Room For Fun: Even if you have a patio or backyard retreat, a screened-in garage can add even more room for entertainment. There is no need to worry about scheduling outdoor events as you could always move them into your garage space if rain kicks up or a chill is in the air. A screen will really help you see your garage as a spot for parties and special events that are already in place at your home.

Peaceful Place: Beyond a spot for parties, a screened-in garage can be used every day. Imagine pulling down the screen and sitting in a lawn chair on a summer, spring or fall evening and watching the sunset or enjoying a soft breeze. Garages continue to evolve as a transformative place for way more than parking. Screens can turn the space into a functional place without the need for an addition or costs to put in a patio.

How We Can Help Change Up Your Garage Space

Our team at Affordable Garage Door works with industry-leading Lifestyle screens. The screens are known to be very versatile, easy to utilize, and long-lasting. The Lifestyle system is engineered to easily go back into place and to have a low-maintenance operation. We can help you decide on what frame color, size, and screen fabric will best complement your garage area. We also offer custom sizes to fit unique spaces. 

Rely On Our Team For All of Your Garage Door Need

Beyond screens, we can install a new door at your home or business in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area. We carry a variety of door styles, colors, and materials to complement your look and preferences. 

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